Announcement regarding the amount to be paid in cash to depositary receipt holders in lieu of their fractions



29 NOVEMBER 2017

Unless otherwise indicated, capitalised words and terms contained in this announcement shall bear the same meanings ascribed thereto in the Circular as posted to Holders on 23 October 2017.


Currently, Reinet Depositary Receipts trade in the ratio of ten Depositary Receipts to one Reinet Share. The Depositary Receipts issued by Reinet Securities SA to Holders in respect of Reinet Shares will be replaced by Relevant Reinet Shares in the ratio of 1 Relevant Reinet Share for every 10 Depositary Receipts held.

Relevant Shareholders shall not hold fractions of Relevant Reinet Shares. One fraction is one tenth of a Relevant Reinet Share (a “Fraction”). If the aggregate number of the Relevant Reinet Shares due to a Relevant Shareholder is not a whole number, then the number of Relevant Reinet Shares to be held by that Relevant Shareholder shall be rounded down to the nearest whole number, such that the Relevant Shareholder does not hold Fractions.

Reinet Securities SA shall pay an amount in cash, based on the 10-day VWAP of the Depositary Receipt as at the Register LDT, to Holders in lieu of their Fractions.

Cash amount to be paid to Holders in lieu of Fractions

The 10-day VWAP of the Depositary Receipts as at the Register LDT is R30.09703. Based on the ratio of 10 Depositary Receipts to 1 Relevant Reinet Share, Reinet Securities SA will accordingly settle the Fractions, through Computershare and the Holders’ relevant Strate CSD participants and Brokers, based on an amount of R300.97033 for every Relevant Reinet Share.

By order of the Directors

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Reinet Investments S.C.A.

R.C.S. Luxembourg B 16.576

Registered office: 35, Boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg


Reinet Investments S.C.A. (the ‘Company’) is a partnership limited by shares incorporated in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and having its registered office at 35, boulevard Prince Henri, L-1724 Luxembourg. It is governed by the Luxembourg law on securitisation and in this capacity allows its shareholders to participate indirectly in the portfolio of assets held by its wholly-owned subsidiary Reinet Fund S.C.A., F.I.S. (‘Reinet Fund’), a specialised investment fund also incorporated in Luxembourg. The Company’s ordinary shares are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and Euronext Amsterdam and the depository receipts issued by Reinet Securities SA in respect of the Company’s ordinary shares are listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, the secondary listing. The Company’s ordinary shares are included in the ‘LuxX’ index of the principal shares traded on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. The Company and Reinet Fund together with Reinet Fund’s subsidiaries are referred to as ‘Reinet’.

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